Log on to Your Tenant Portal and Submit a Maintenance Request

Things always go wrong at the worst possible time! That’s why we provide After Hours Emergency Maintenance for our residents.

If you are experiencing any of the following, please call 608-241-4449
(If you are calling when the office is closed, follow the prompts to be connected to Emergency Maintenance.)

  • Flooding or water leak – Water that is impossible to contain by conventional methods such as a bucket or a mop.
  • A broken toilet, or a toilet you can’t unclog in a 1 bathroom unit.
  • Locked out – Tenants will be responsible for paying costs associated with re-entry at the time service is provided.
  • No heat in the winter.
  • No hot water in the building.
  • Frozen water pipes – often times a pipe is frozen if there have been extreme cold temps and you are not getting any water from a faucet.
  • A broken or inoperable exterior door or lock.
  • Severe structural damage, tree falling on property, fallen ceiling, door kicked in, smashed window, etc.
  • A problem or situation that has a dramatic impact on your safety, security, or is causing (or could cause) severe damage to the building.

Power Outages or Gas Leaks should be reported to the gas company (MGE for most residents 252-7222) immediately and then reported to Emergency Maintenance.

In the event of a FIRE pull the fire alarm if available, vacate the building and call 911, then call emergency maintenance.

If there is a concern of safety or criminal activity call 911 or the local police department as they are best equipped to deal with these situations.

If what you are experiencing is not one of the above, follow the link below to submit an online maintenance request. These requests will be handled during regular business hours on a priority basis determined by the nature of the maintenance.

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